Roches Buildings Christmas Party 2004

Sr. Patricia L.S.A.

The Roches Buildings Christmas Party was held on 20th November at the Country Club Hotel. As usual it was a splended success with over 100 'friends' in attendance. The night passed all so quickly, with good folk being enriched through 'reminiscencia' and the hotel's 'Bocuse d'Or Cuisine'

And for those with more energy to burn, Con Twomey provided magical melodies for twinkling toes.

Also in attendance was Aidan McCarthy with his camara to record the events,

Who can you recognise?

Roches Building's Supporters Ann Davies & friends of Patti Collins, Farranree Group
Extended Furlong/Bowman Family Circle of 'Friends' Group, Blackpool
Roches Buildings Supporters Lower Road 'contingent'
More Roche's Buildings Supporters The 'Aherne Sisters'
More supporters from the Lower Road Dan Cullinane and friends
More of Dan and friends at the Centre
Friends of 'Roches Buildings' Con Twomey with 'musical assistants'
More friends of 'Roches Buildings' A Tuesday night at Roches Buildings