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Tower Cranes, as seen from the steps at St. Patrick's Church on a wet and miserable Sunday morning, 9th. June 2019

Christmas Day, St. Patrick's Church 2018

Visitors to St. Patrick's Ghurch on St. Patrick's Day.

Keith, Kaiden and Odalys Prichard from Land 'O' Lakes, Florida, USA at the Statue of St. Patrick in St. Patrick's Church on St. Patrock's Day 2019.


Pope Francis is greeted to Ireland by President Higgins, 25th. August 2018

Fr. Noel with a selection of the many Parishioners after the noon Mass at St. Patrick's Church on Christmas Day, 3018.

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"Voices of the Evening"

St. Patrick's and Holy Family Chur"Voices of the Evening"

St. Patrick's and Holy Family Churchs Fundraising Concert, 15th May 2018

"AiR" Community Choir

Pat O'Brien, Chairman takes notes from Linda Kenny, Soloist

All Choirs together including Linda.

St. Patrick's and Holy Family Churchs Fundraising Concert, 15th May 2018


Easter Saturday night, Fr. Tom Riordan lights the Paschal Candle from the Fire in the portico of St. Patrick's Church

Fr. Tom marks the candle with Alpha and Omega using nails

Canon Liam with some of the Congregation

With an increased Congregation, the services were conducted to the strains of our award winning Choir

They said it could not be done, it was impossible, what a team of young players, they put their whole heart in it, and on foriegn soil to boot. Can it be done again, only Joe knows. And I'm not talking about that other team, Irish Rugby, although, they were alright.

The St. Patrick's Church Choir came away from Limerick with the 'Grand Slam' cup for Choral Singing, the 2nd. time running.

We, in St. Patrick's are so proud of you, congratulations all.

Joe Leake, Musical Director, shows Fr. Dan (PP), the inscription on the cup.

All Ireland Champions after 12.00 Mass last Sunday.

Christmas Day 2017 at St. Patrick's Church

Christmas Day 2017 at St. Patrick's Church

Christmas Day 2017 at St. Patrick's Church










Carols outside St. Patrick's Church to welcome all

Val Scott accepts a 'present' from Lydia', not 'Gold, Franfinsence or Myrrh', but an Val Scott accepts a 'present' from Lydia', not 'Gold, Franfinsence or Myrrh', but an 'Irish Rose' sweet, after 12 o'clock Christmass Mass at St.Patrick's Church.

The 'presents', might be different but the intent is the same

St. Patrick's Church Heritage Day, 19th. August 2017

Renewal of Marriage Vows

Liza and Andrew renew their Marriage Vows to Cannon Liam

Liza and Andrew Seymour, from North Carolina

Andrew checks on his ancestors while Michael Gauvin, Liza, Daria and Denise Dubec look on. He was checking on his Great Grandfather's, William J Seymour "Pocka" marriage to Margaret M. Kenefick on 12th. May 1906, and other Seymour records.

More photos to follow:

St.Patricks Church Heritage Day 19th July 2017

Sarah Kelly, Architect, arranging her exhibits prior to a lecture on the history of St. Patricks Church

Julie Kelliher exlains the significants of the Stained Glass Screen

Dee Daly with her mother, Mrs Goggin

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Easter Sunday 2017


Where does all the money go !!!!!

Glass roof over St. Patricks Church Sacristy, which has been leaking and dangerous for a long time, is about to get a new roof

Easter 2017

Fr. Tom Riordan and Canon Liam light the Easter Candle ouside St. Patricks Church on Easter Saturday 15th. April 2017

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Group after Noon Mass at St. Patrick's Church, Christmas 2016

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Canon Liam

Csnon Liam speaks of St. Teresa at the Holy Family Church on Sunday, 4th. September 2016

Picture: Sean Dunne


The 'Harringtons' review Harrington/Cotter records with David Dwyer, Sacristan on their visit to St. Patrick's Church on Wednesday 22nd. June 2016

Kay Macken is the daughter of John Thaddeus Harrington, Grand daughter of Philip Harrington and Great-Grand daughter of Daniel and Ellen Harrington

Paulette Peterson and Kay Macken (cousins) with the Crucifix erected in memory of the death of Daniel Harrington, 11th. December 1891

With their husbands, Norman Peterson and Aidan Macken

The annual evening Mass at Harrington Square with Fr. Donal and Fr. Myles on Friday 27th. May

We have learned that the Grotto was erected in the Marian Year 1954

Some of the early attendies settle in

Fr. Myles distributes Eucharist to parishioners

Joe Leake, St. Patrick's musical ' Maestro' at his work


The St. Patrick's Parish Choir at the Choir Festival in Limerick recently

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Holy Family Pilgrims

Pilgrims from Holy Family recently visited St. Finbarrs South, St. Francis Church, St. Peter and Pauls, Penny Dinners and the Trocaire office, Cook St.  They entered and left through the Door of Mercy in St, Francis Church,  bringing  Donations to the various charities.  They were accompanied by Fr. David Murphy.

The Lower Rd. Residence Association Annual meeting held at the KLM public bar on 5th. April 2016

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The Presbytherian Trinity Church getting a refurnishment job.

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Revellers at the 2016 Holy Family Christmas Party

Sincere apologies for the quality of some of the photos above - I guess I'll just have to get a new camera

Midnight Mass (20.00 hrs) at the Holy Family Church 2015

Just a section of Midnight Mass goers to Holy Family Church 2015

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Some of St. Patrick's Church parishioners after 12 noon Mass on Christmas morning

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'The Gathering' - people just talking, after 12.00 Mass at St. Patrick's Church on Christmas Morning

Now - go home - and enjoy the rest of the Day - God Bless

Midnight Mass at the Holy Family Church 2015

Some of the Parishioners who were attending

Fr. Donal O'Brien who celebrated Mass at the Holy Family Church Harvest Festival on 4th. October 2015

Some photos of recent times

The Lord Mayor, Cllr. Mary Shiels, her husband, and Canon Dan at the Summertime Concert on the 19th. May last.


Pat Lane and Tom Cuffe on a man-lift repairing the roof on the Holy Family Church

Photos - Pat Daly


St. Patrick's Church Summertime Concert

The Summertime concert at St. Patrick's Church on 19th. May 2015 is considered a major success, thanks all due to the performances of four choirs, Australian (Welsh) Choir, Cork City Male Choir, Prison Officers Choir and our own All Ireland winning Choir. We were very pleased with the attendance of the Cork City Lord Mayor, Cllr. Mary Shields (seen below with Mary Lane) and her husband. The concert went well over time, with many 'upstanding' applauses of appreciation right through the performances. The Australian Choir provided the congregration with copies of their CD (as below) which were readily snapped up. A raffle was held at the mid-break, with many thanks to our very eloquaint MC, Pat O'Brien, also Chairman of the Parish Committee.

Canon Dan, PP, and the Committee thank all those for their presence.

The Summertime Concert, held at St. Patrick's Church this evening is aclaimed as an OUTSTANDING SUCCESS

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Limerick Festival of Church Music, Church Choir Competition

Meet the ALL IRELAND WINNERS........... St. Patrick's Church ren of choir members)  Sinead Horgan, Colm Murray, Cathal Murray, Eoin Murray, Sarah Coleman.

Congratulations, we are all so very, very proud of you g e CLICK

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Some of theeHoly Family Church revellers atttending the 2014 Christmas Party at the Ambassador Hotel on 11th. January 2015

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Some of the Holy Family Church Parishioners at 8 pm Mass on Christmas Eve Night

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Some of the St. Patrick's Church Parishioners after the 12 noon Mass on Christmas Day

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Some of the Parishioners mingle after Midday Mass on Christmas Day


Some of the Parishioners arriving for 8 pm Mass on Christmas Evening

SDay 1959

Seacy's Annual Outing 1959 - Mrs. Madge Seacy is seated in the front

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St. Patrick's Confirmation Class 1959

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Confirmation Day St. Patrick's Church 1959

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Fruit Picking

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New works on the Lower Glanmire Road

The new works from St. Patrick's Church to Kent Station are to provide a cycle lane for the benifet of the Students. It is understood that being a University City, cycle lanes are to be developed, part funded by the EEC. Additional drainage works are also being carried out.

St. Patrick's Church spire can be seen in the background.

How the Tank Field got it's name

Fruit Picking

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Not a house in sight as Mrs. Bridget Foley (Glenview Terrace) relaxes down the Glen with her family in 1959. The picture was taken near the old Black Patch, a site now occupied by an all-weather pitch. Ballyvolane was then a rural area before the building boom of the 1960's began.

Dillon's Cross over 100 years ago

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The po The power of water

FollowinFollowing the tumultuous downpour on Saturday afternoon, the sewer on the road adjacent to the Arbutus Lodge failed, lifting the lid and portion of the road.

the road adjacent to the Arbutus Lodge fai.Corpus Christi Procession 2014

Easter Fundraising Draw

Some of the Parish Ladies get ready to start the draw

St. Patrick's Church Choir

A nearly full St. Patrick's Choir this morning who delighted Mass-goers with their melodious singing under the direction of Resident Organist and Choir Leader, Joe Leake, following their victorious 2nd. place in the Choir section of the Feis Mathiu competition two weeks ago. Congratulations to all, you did the Parishioners proud.

Shrove Tuesday at the Holy Family Church

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4th. March 2014

Pictures include;

Waiting for the pan (or is it the Microwave to heat up) with Fr. Pat O' Herlihy 2nd. on the left

'Tucking in'

Patricia O' Shea, chief cook for the morning

Kitty O' Sullivan makes the tea

Making sure everyone is topped up

'There's the proof'

Sean Dunne tries to persuade Cecily to have another pancake


Well done Holy Family !



Funeral Mass of the Most Reverend Bishop Raymond Boland DD

Funeral Mass of the Most Reverend Bishop Raymond Boland DD

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Féadfaidh an Tiarna déan trócaire ar a anam

For further photographs of Bishop Raymond at Bishop Kevin's Golden Jubilee, PLEASE S CROLL DOWN

St. Patrick's Church Vaults

Pat Lane (left) with some members of the Parish Committee
Original timber structural supports

Some pictures of the Burial Vaults under St Patrick's Church (1832). The upper left picture is the plaque above the Honan vault, the upper right picture over an unoccupied vault with numbering error, (39 ?), the lower left picture shows the plaque of Thomas M'Cormick Family vault which has been defaced with some 'graffiti' from the past, one scriber is a Dan Dwyer dated 29th. September 1910.

It is intended to produce a more in-depth article on St. Patrick's Church vaults in the near future.


Canon Liam Leader with some of his parishioners after 12 o'clock Mass on St. Patrick's Day

Canon Liam Leader meets his Parishioners after 12 o'clock Mass outside St. Patrick's Church on St. Patrick's Day 2006


Canon Liam Leader with David Dwyer, Sacrestan and Alterserver


Canon Leader was ordained in 1953, his first appointment included the chaplaincy at Clifton Convent in Montenotte.

One of the young boys who served Mass for him at that time was 8 year old David Dwyer

Now, 54 years later David Dwyer (Sacristan) still serves Mass for Canon Leader at St. Patrick's Church.

Canon Liam Leader, dated 18th. April 1954, with two photographs of David Dwyer, a young priest with his alterserver as they were over half a century ago, God bless both for their dedication.

After 12 noon Mass, St. Patrick's, 17th. September

L to R, Paddy Hallissey, Fr. John PP and Noel Allen contemplating the outcome of the All Ireland Football Final, all three opt for Mayo.

St. Patrick's Church Choir

Joe Leake, Organist (3rd. from left at back) with his band of Choirists including Karol Kennedy, Deirdre Daly, Paddy Gilley, John Lyons Frank Forde Joseph Leake, Evelyn Forde, Jennifer Ramsey, Cecilia Boamah, Rosemary O'Leary and young Mr. Boamah


Retirement of Sacristan, Maurice Lordon

After 6 pm Mass on Saturday 4th November 2006, a retirement party was held in St. Patrick's Church hall to mark the retirement of Maurice after 10 years of devoted service. Following the praise and accolades testifying to Maurices dedication and good nature a presentation was made to Maurice (left) by Noel Deasy.

Happy Retirement Maurice.


Golden Anniversary Mass of Most Reverend J. Kevin Boland, D.D.,Bishop of Savannah, Georgia on 8th. July 2009 at St. Patrick's Church

Bishop Raymond Boland, with Frank Boland
Bishop Raymond Boland, Kansas
Tony Boland
Bishop Raymond Boland, providing the Homily
Bishop J. Kevin Boland, Bishop of Savannah, Georgia
Tony, Ray, Kevin, Bishop John Buckley and Frank

'Here I am Lord,

I have heard you calling in the night.

I will go, Lord, if you lead me.

I will hold your people in my heart.'

Colette Boland
Bishop John Buckley
Tony, Ray, Kevin and Frank
Bishops Ray, John and Kevin


Cork Troopers do their bit

Members of the 3rd. Cork Scout Cubs with their cake sale for Haiti support outside St. Patrick's Church on Sunday 24th January 2010

Troopers with Ciara Dennehy (Cub Leader) and Timms Quinlan (Section Leader). They hope to raise 200 euro for Haiti.

Well done TroopersSome of St. Patrick's Congregation from a nearly 'standing room only' attendance at Midday Mass on ChristDay

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More Photos

Holy Family Congregation at Midnight Mass, celebrant, Fr. Tom Riordan

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More Photos

The Holy Family Church Christmas Party was held in the Ambassador Hotel on Sunday, 12th. January 2014, and as usual, the Hotel Management and Staff excelled themselves in the quality of their fare and service. It was very pleasing to see the increased numbers of young people attending this years Party. Ann Dorgan, as usual, the main organiser advised that the numbers this year were in excess of 100 and she was very pleased to welcome the Parishioners who, through to location, would normally attand at St. Patrick's Church.

May this popular event continue to grow through the coming years.

Should anyone wish to have a copy of any of the above photographs, please leave your details with either of the two Sacristans.

Some of the attendees at the St. Patrick's Midday Mass


Some of the attendees at the Holy Family Midnight Mass

The group of Volunteers from both St. Patrick's Church and the Holy Family Church at their 'Gathering' on 10th. December 2013

The 'Gathering' .... St. Patrick's Parish Style

A group of more than thirty Parishioner Volunteers met at the Holy Family hall on Tuesday 10th. December 2013 to review the past year and also to consider aims and objectives for the coming year. It also provided an ideal opportunity for a social 'tea and scones' and a chat in a Christmas athmosphere.

(For more Photos, see Photogallery)



A stone from the past

A small sandstone flag, measuring about 4cm x 2 cm, with a lead pencil drawing, found during recent work on the replacement roof to the space at the rear of the Sacred Heart altar alcove, left hand side, St. Patrick's Church.

This small relic of years gone by may have been by the Architect/Site Foreman during the construction of St Patrick's Church in 1832-1836

(See also Parish Snippets and Fundraising Report on the Home Page)


Touching up St. Patrick's Church Nativity backdrop painting

Although some months yet to Christmas, the Parish ladies, (l-r) Ann Garrett, Nora Murphy and Maureen Forde are touching up the Nativity backdrop painting. This painting, believed to be up to 100 years old has been identified as a scene of Capernaum on the Northern shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Corpus Christi 2013

His Excellency, Archbishop Charles John Brown, Papal Nuncio, 'NewYorker', addresses the Cork faithful 'Corkonians' on the 87th. Annual Corpus Christi procession this afternoon.

'And there were some who just waited'

'and others who marched'

'and marched, to acknowledge their God'


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Visit of 'Andre Sala' Choir from St. Remy-les-Chevreuses, France, to the Holy Family Church on Sunday 5th. May 2013

Visite de la chorale de St. Remy, (au sud de Versailles) a la Chapelle de la Sa

The Clergy and Peoples of St. Patrick's Parish, Cork welcome His Holiness, Pope Francis the First, may God protect and guide you in your reign.

Christmas Eve Mass the Holy Family Church 2012

(for larger picture CLICK)

Thank you Canon Dan, Canon Liam & Fr. John for the leadership and guidance you give to the Holy Family Church Community and all Parishioners of St. Patrick's . We, the Parishioners, wish you a happy and Holy Christmas

Christmas Morning at St. Patrick's Church

Pat Lane, Rosemary O'Leary and Pat's daughter Pamela, home for Christmas from Leeds
More home for Christmas, this time the USA

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St. John Neumann Choir from Bryn Mawr, PA, USA at the Holy Family Church on 25th. June 2012

Members of the Choir

The Choir under Isabel Momenee. Choir Director, in full voice

Some of the Holy Family parishioners listen to the wonderful voices

Annual Corpus Christi Procession in Cork, Sunday 3rd. June 2012

Parishioners from St. Patrick's, Our Lady Crowned and Glanmire await the 'off'

David Dwyer (Sacristan St. Patrick's) and Pat Nolan (Farranree Parish) at St. Patrick's Bridge. Pat says that he has been the Procession Steward at this position every year since he was 17 years old

Crossing St. Patrick's Bridge with Canon Dan PP (St. Patrick's Parish) and Very Rev. Aidan O'Driscoll PP (Our Lady Crowned, Mayfield) on 'flank duty'

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St. Patrick's Group take 'pole position' entering Daunt's Square

Sean Dunne leads the group in prayer

+ Bishop John Buckley leads the faithful in adoration of Corpus Christi

A group of young Christians from the Parish Schools at the 'Do this in Memory' Mass as they prepare for their First Holy Communion. Well done to all involved.

(Picture with thanks to Sean Dunne)


Canon Dan PP among the clergy attending the Chrism Mass at the North Cathedral on Holy Thursday

(Picture with thanks to Sean Dunne)


Rachel O'Shea, President of St. Luke's ICA, presents Canon Dan Crowley PP with the proceeds (€1,266.00) of the Guild's fundraising Easter Hamper Draw in aid of the Church Building Fund.

Well done St. Luke's ICA and Thank You.

St. Patrick's Parish Scouting Troup Colour Party prepare for the Annual Scout Mass at the Holy Family Church

Sorting out the Altar Gifts

Christmas morning at St. Patrick's Church

Our wonderful Choir, directed by Joe Leake really excelled themself this mornig, a big thank you to all

and these two guys must have been very good all the year

A very happy and holy Christmas to all our viewers

Christmas Eve night at the Holy Family Church

It was such a beautiful Christmas Night Mass with the wonderful Holy Family Community, the altar was Bethleham in it's splendor and truely fitting to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ

Readings were given by Cecily Lynch

A presentation is made by Cecily Lynch to Tom McGrath and daughter Mairead to acknowledge the 34 years given by Mairead McGrath (who could not be present) as a Reader at the Holy Family Church.


Retirement of Sr. Thaddeus and Ann Dermody from Holy Family Choir

Celebration and Retirement Presentation to Sr. Thaddeus (former Organist) and Ann Dermody for their many years service and choral enrichment to the Holy Family community on Sunday 9th. October 2011.

(for further photos, see photogallery)

UN Veterans Mass on 13th. November 2011

Colour Bearers Eugene Murphy, Jimmy Cotter and Pat Culliton at the annual Mass in St. Patrick's Church for deceased members of the Irish Defence Forces who were serving abroad as part of a United Nations operation.



175th. Anniversary and Celebration at St. Patrick's Church on 15th. October 2011

To View CLICK (incomplete at this time)

Visit of 2012 International Eucharistic Congress Bell

Our Lady Crowned Choir gets in some practice before the arrival of the Bell

The Bell is led in by Very Rev. Aidan O'Driscoll

The Bell

Pilgrims from Holy Family Church, Sean Dunne, Kitty Sullivan, Cecily lynch and Canon Dan

Pastoral Area Parishioners who came to welcome The Bell

This picture tells it's own story

and so does this one !

(CLICK on page for larger image)

Kitchen Talk in the Holy Family

Parishioners at Work (in 'The Kitchen') 2006

Last meeting of the' Holy Family News' groups before the summer recess.

L-R, Ruairi O Laoire, Pat O'Shea, Martin O'Connor, Ita Feeney, Mary Meehan, Carol Dorgan, Fr. Bernard Cotter, Ann Ralph and Rachel O' Shea.


Some of St. Patrick's Parishioners en route to join the main body of the Corpus Christi Procession on Sunday 18th. June 2006


Corpus Christi Procession 2004 - Pat Lane and Marie Claire Twomey lead out the St Patrick's congregation. Others in the photo include, Eoin Lane, Fr. Christy, Noel Manley and John Twomey... Can you spot any more?
Corpus Christi 2004 - Daunt Square. ArchBishop Clifford, Cashel and Emly, addresses the congregation.

'Contribution Only Day'

Organised by Mairead O' Riordan at COPE Foundation's Beechhill Garden

Centre Coffee Shop, Montennotte, (located within the Parish) a sum of over €600

was raised for the support of the Athletes heading to the Olympic Games in China

later this year. The contributions was split between athletes from COPE Foundation

and other athletes from the Munster Region

L to R, Josephine Quinlivan, John Clifford, Mary O'Connell, Terence McSweeney

and Mairead O'Riordan.

Well Done Mairead !

Some of the talented Athletes who will be heading to China.

Good Luck to All


Retirement of Mrs. Kitty Hegarty, Sacrestan, Holy Family Church


We, the parishioners of Holy Family, wish to acknowledge that we owe a hughdebt of gratitude to our former sacristan, Mrs. Kitty Hegarty, Military Hill. For over 40 years Kitty worked tirelessly and unceasingly for this parish. Day in, day out, she performed her duties with unfailing cheerfulness. It is mind-blowing to consider those long years of service so efficiently carried out. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done. She put her great talents to serving the Lord, and to serving the priests who came to minister here. She, of course, served each one of us too,by answering all our requests and applications and by her smooth and reliable running of the church in all its endless detail.On a personal note, Kitty was a great neighbour to us. We children invariably fell off our bikes and scooters right in front of her gate, or the church gate, and were always brought in to her house for bandaging and buns. On various occasions wechildren were bitten by dogs, scrawled by cats, and stung by wasps! Kitty alway heard the howls and led the 'walking wounded' home.Keeping her finger on the pulse of the parish, our Kitty was always aware of what was happening and always ready to help those in need. Her attention to detail was extraordinary, and nothing escaped her eagle eye in the care of the altar cloths and furnishings.

Mrs. Kitty Hegarty, we salute you! Enjoy your well-earned retirement after a life o funstinting labour on our behalf. May the Lord reward you for your long and faithful service.

Cecily Lynch, Military Hill.

(on behalf of everyone at Holy Family, past and present)




Visitors to the Parish

These two vessels, with historic connections, visited Cork Port and the Parish on 25th. September 2007. The sailing vessel in the foreground is Asgard II, a replica of the original Asgard made famous for running guns for the Irish Volunteers in 1914, and is now under restoration in Kilmainham Jail.

The astern vessel, Fram, was on it's maiden voyage from the Artic to the Antartic. It is named after Norway's famous Museum which houses the restored vessel Gjoa used by Roald Amundsen in 1906 in traversing Canada's Northwest Passage. The Gjoa was also used in 1912 during Amundsen's conquering of the South Pole


The spire of St. Patrick's Church can be seen at the intersection of black and orange on the ship's bow.


Lower Rd. Residents Meeting of 12th. November 2007

Noreen Meaney, Margaret Corcoran (Chairperson) and Noel O'Flynn, TD


Lower (Glanmire) Road Residents with some new residents who were made

very welcome


St. Luke's Cross Toll Booth and Horse Trough

Horse Trough nearly opposite St. Patrick's Church (below)


St. Luke's Toll Booth

A parishioner of St Patrick's Church has researched the St Luke's Toll booth:
The toll booth at St Luke's is the only one surviving of the 14 such booths sanctioned by the Corporation on the approach roads to the city in 1787. Originally called toll houses, these were used to levy farmers coming into the city with animals or goods for sale. Two pence had to be paid at the booth, building a fund that formed an important part of the city's economy. Up to 30 years ago, St Luke's toll booth was used as a paper booth (to sell newspapers). It is a unique part of street furniture, despite the change of roof style some years ago. Nearby is the water trough, similar to the one found on Lower Road (opposite St.Patrick's Church). Such troughs were once seen throughout the city, providing water for horses and traps, carts and drays. Now the City Council intends to move both the trough and the booth to a new site in St Luke's Cross. Let's hope both will look as well in their new position.













Pauline,Pastoral Area Meeting


St. Patrick's Parish representitives at the diocesan meeting in the Silversprings Hotel on 7th. May in connection with the introduction of Pastoral Areas into the diocese. St. Patrick's parish is to work with St. Joseph's parish and Our Lady Crowned parish (both Mayfield) in the future.

Photo includes (left to right):

Canon Liam Leader AP, Sister Augustine (parish sister), Kitty O'Sullivan (Holy Family), Jean Kelleher and Tom McGrath (both Parish Finance Committee members), Sister Anne (St. Patrick's Hospital Community Leader), Fr. Bernard Cotter PIC and Fr. John Cotter PP.

For further information on Pastoral Areas see

Photo by Tom Hayes


Fr. John's Birthday Party 19th. May 2008

Death of Fr. John Cotter, former PP of St. Patricks Church, on Thursday 2nd. February 2017. Below is the Parish's tribute to him on his 70th. birthday on 19th. May 2008. Buriel will be at Knockanvilla, Co. Cork on Monday 6th. February 2017.

May God have mercy on his Soul

Fr. John, Georgina O'Brien and Fr. Bernard

Happy birthday, Fr John!
The parish congratulates Fr John Cotter on his 70th birthday, which he celebrated on Monday last, 19 May. A surprise party was held after Mass in Holy Family Church that morning, at which parishioners warmly greeted their overjoyed pastor. Fr John commented that having reached the age of ‘three score
and ten’, at least it would never be said of him that he died young!
Fr John has been our parish priest for almost three years, his
fourth such appointment. He became pastor of Goleen, Ireland’s southernmost parish, in 1991, remaining there for four years, before transferring to Uibh Laoire, Bishop Buckley’s native parish, which includes Inchageelagh and Ballingeary. Fr John moved to the harbour parish of Monkstown in 1998, before coming here in 2005.
Fr John has had many forms of ministry in his 45 years of priesthood: he was ordained in the then new church of Our Lady
Crowned, Mayfield, on 8 June, 1963. After ordination, his first two years were spent in Savannah, Georgia. On his return to Cork, he became chaplain to the Sisters of Mercy, Schull, before moving to Caheragh as curate. From there he went to Passage West, before becoming Chaplain to St Finbarr’s Hospital in 1981, as well as the Director of CMAC (Cork Marriage Advisory Councll). He then spent five years in Kinsale before Goleen called.
Fr John is a native of Rossmore parish, but his family moved to
Innishannon when he was young. We rejoice in this significant birthday, and in his calm and prayerful presence among us.


Corpus Christi Procession 2008

St. Patrick's and Our Lady Crowned (Mayfield Upper) Parishioners jointly walked with the other Cork parishioners in the 62nd. Corpus Christi procession and listened to the inspiring talk delivered by Sr. Briege McKenna on the theme 'God is with us at all times, just talk with Him'

Changes at St. Patrick's Parish

Fr. Dan Crowley PP, St. Patrick's Parish
Fr. Bernard Cotter PP, Uíbh Laoire
Fr. John Cotter AP, St. Patrick's Parish
Canon Liam Leader AP, St. Patrick's Parish



St. Patrick's Parish has had some changes in it's priest's ministery.

Fr Dan Crowley has been appointed parish priest of St Patrick's and priest-in-charge of Holy Family Church. He succeeds Fr John Cotter, who has resigned on health grounds, and Fr Bernard Cotter, who has been transferred.

Fr John will continue to help out in the parish as AP (Assistant Priest), the same title as that held by Canon Liam Leader. Fr John will continue to live at 1 The Presbytery. Fr Bernard will take up his role as PP Uíbh Laoire next weekend, covering the churches in Inchigeela, Béal Atha'n Ghaorthaigh and Gougane Barra. Fr Dan is moving into Fr Bernard's house (No 3).

Fr Dan Crowley has been parish priest of Frankfield/Grange for the past nine years. He is now being replaced there by a native of this parish, Fr John Walsh, whose parents Jim and Theresa live at Military Road.

Fr Dan was ordained in 1969. A native of Ovens/Farran, he has ministered in Timoleague, Ballinlough, Upper Mayfield, The Lough, Enniskeane and Schull, as well as spending his first year after ordination in Southwark.

We welcome Fr Dan to the parish and wish him a long and happy time in our midst, ministering in our two churches.

Father Bernard's Farewell Party

Holy Family was in festive mood on the evening of Thursday, September 18th for Father Bernard's farewell party. It was a great night, where old friends met again, around tables spread with good things. Music and song, that language of the heart, brought the evening to a fitting close.

And time moves on, taking us with it. For we are on a journey, a journey of life, and being Christians we have a map to guide us through, the map of Christ's teachings in the Gospels.

Thank you Fr. Bernard for your time with us, for your work, your humility and kindness. May God guide you and be with you at all times


Roches Buildings Social and Resources Centre

Bingo Night

Danny calling out the numbers

as Margaret O'Rourke gets the refreshments ready

The Community and friends of Roches Buildings Social and Resources Centre extend best wishes to Sr. Patricia


Celebration in thanksgiving to the Sisters of St. Patrick's Hospital and Marymount Hospice, Ambassador Hotel, 23rd. November 2008

Councellor Brian Bermingham, Mayor of Cork, with some of the Friends

Photograph including Sr. Ann Curry, Sr. Mary Berchmans Ryan, Sr. Rose Murphy, Sr. Mary Christian and Sr. Miriam Hennessy.

Over 300 Friends of Marymount Hospice who attended the special Mass at St. Patrick's Church and afters

A truely historical tome outlining the journey of St.Patrick's Hospital and Marymount Hospice from 1870 to the present, by noted Historian, Kieran McCarthy. Copies of this work can be purchased, cost €10 (excluding postage) through the Sisters at 353.21.4501201, email, Also see

Visitors to St. Patrick's Church

Paul Galloway , his mother Joyce and David Dwyer, Sacrestan

Canon Liam Leader explains the entries in the Parish Records to Paul and Joyce. As a surprise early Christmas present to his mother, Paul brought Joyce from Cheshire to St. Patrick's to see at first hand the family records of her Grandparents wedding in 1896 and other records dating back to 1846. They also visited other family connections at Alexander Rd. and Ffrenchchurch St.

Well done Paul

Christmas at St. Patrick's Parish

(click on image for large version)

Fr. John with some of his St Patrick's flock

A Happy and Holy Christmas to all our Viewers

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Fr. Dan with some of his Holy Family flock

Parish Pastorial Council members meeting, 12th February 2009


Back left to right, Ruiri O' Leary, Kay Dunne, Jean Kelliher, Sr. Anne, Kitty O'Sullivan, Joe Fahy, Aonghus O'Broin (Parish Secretary)

Front left to right, Cecily Lynch, Nancy Hennessy, Mary Canole-Joyce, Willie O'Brien and Fr. Dan (Parish Priest)


The Parishioners wish the Council every success in their work

Trocaire Lenten Appeal


Khalid is the little boy on the front of this year's Trócaire box.

He is just one of almost one million Somalis who have been

forced from their homes due to ongoing conflict and violence,

where one in five children die before reaching the age of five.

Please support Trócaire's Lenten campaign this year.

In doing this, you help the poorest parents of our world

care for their children.

St. Patrick's Day Photos

St. Patrick's Day after 12 o'clock Mass at St. Patrick's Church

Fr. John meets Parishioners

Corpus Christi, 14th June 2009Corpus Christi Procession, 14th June 2009

The procession sets out from St. Patrick's Church at 15.15, in front, Aonghus O'Broin (Parish Secretary), Fr. Dan PP, Eoin Lane (hidden behind banner) and David Dwyer (Sacrestan)

Proceeding along Patrick Street


Christmas Day at St Patricks Church

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Christmas Eve Night at Holy Family Church

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St. Patrick's Day 2010

Ronan and Grace Harrington with their Mam, Noreen

Relic (bone fragment) of Saint Patrick, Bishop

Traditional Latin Mass

Rt. Rev. Mgr. Cornelius O'Brien celebrates the first Traditional Latin Mass since the early 1970's at 11 am in St. Patrick's Church on 1st. May 2010

The Latin Mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick's Church on every First Saturday of the month.

(for larger photo, click on photo)

Visit of the University of Southern Indiana Chamber Choir to St. Patrick's Parish on 12th. May 2010

The USI Chamber Choir on the steps of St. Patrick's Church

Mr. Daniel Craig, Director of the Chamber Choir with the Lord Mayor, Cllr. Dara Murphy, and his wife, Lady Mayoress, Tanya

The instrumental element of the Rowan Tree Irish Traditional Band at rehersal in the afternoon

(for larger photo, click on photo)

University of Southern Indiana Chamber Choir at Rehersal and Concert

Corpus Christi, Cork, 2010

Corpus Christi, Cork, 201

Canon Liam (straw-panama) with Canon Dan on his left

Eoin Lane (with banner), David Dwyer (Sacristan St. Patrick's Church) and Jacinta Fitzgerald (Sacristan Holy Family Church)

St. Patrick's Parish group enter Daunt's Square

Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

Group of Parishioners around the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima which made a visit to St. Patrick's Church on Sunday 20th. June 2010

Roches Buildings Social and Resources Centre Coffee Evening and Bingo for Marymount Hospice Fund on Thursday 16th September 2010

(Click on photo for larger version)

Some of the ladies, all smiling

Danny gets the Bingo board ready

Nearly there !

Annual Mass of the United Nations Veterans Association at St. Patrick's Church on Sunday 14th. November 2010

The Colour Party

Pat Culleton, Jimmy Cotter and Eugene Murphy

Deputy Lord Mayor Denis O'Flynn with Veterans Tom Manning, Jim Murray and Paddy Hayes

Christmas Eve Night at the Holy Family Church (larger photo click)ewslette

St Patrick's, Christmas Morning 2010

for larger photo click hereo

Groups of Parishioners from both Holy Family Church and St. Patrick's Church supporting the Brass Memorial Plaque Fundraising

St. Patrick's Day in St. Patrick's Parish and the celebration of the 80th. year of the Parish's 3rd. and 12th. Boy Scout's Troup

There is always one !

Who's missing ?

Corpus Christi in Cork, 26th. June 2011

Parishioners from the Parishes of Glanmire, Mayfield and St. Patrick's assemble outside St. Patrick's Church in glorious weather.


St. Patrick's Parishioners recite a decade of the Rosary at the top of Patrick St. while awaiting the main Corpus Christi procession group
St. Patrick's Parishioners with Eoin Lane (banner) and David Dwyer (Sacristan) in the lead

Pat and Eoin Lane stride out while the contingent from the Church of the Ascension, Gurranabrather are determined to pass out on their right hand side.
Chris Lavin and friend are not too bothered about the Gurranabrather Church contingent.
Sean Dunne, Organist at the Holy Family Church (blue shirt and yellow Papel flag) is accompanied by Canon Dan
City Councillors troup back to Ss. Peter and Paul's Church. That's one of the new Councillors in the Parish, Joe Cavanagh (with Waterstones over his head). They all seem to be walking tall.
And some of the other dignitories


Where does the money go !

Work commences on repair of the facade brickwork at Holy Family Church. The brickwork received considerable damage following last winters frost.

The Holy Family Church Choir with Sean Dunne, Organist and Choir Leader

Left to Right: Sean Dunne, Sr. Thaddeus, Nancy Hennessy, Ann Kingston, Georgina O'Donovan, Mary Gibbs, Patsy French, Hazel O'Donovan, Hannah Carey, Anna O'Donovan, and Kay Currid.

All Hands to the Tiller


Group of Parish Stalwards, erecting a banner to celebrate the 175th. anniversary of St. Patrick's Church, which will take place on the 15th of October 2011. Included in the photographs are Bernard Forde, Pat Lane, Frank Forde and Ken Forde, (for further Parish information,see)


Retirement of Sr. Thaddeus and Ann Dermody

Visit of the Irish Georgian Society to St. patrick's Church on Saturday 23rd. October 2011

Canon Liam Leader entertained the group with the History and Mystery of St. Patrick's Church. Commencing with the Brickfields Mass Church and the founders/ fundraisers of St. Patrick's, the Architect, Builder, City Engineer, Fr. Sylvester Mahony. and all of the other inspiring people who were involved to a point where today the Georgian Society could marvel at this imposing building. He spoke of the St. Patrick Relic, the historical Baptism and Marriage Records, the confessional made famous in Frank O'Conners story 'My First Confession' which even attracted at least two groups of visitors from Japan. He spoke of the altar mosaic, the stain glass work and the various altars, and also to the fact that where the visitors sat was in fact the building's first floor, the space beneath being the vaults which contained the Remains of persons of the past involved with St. Patrick's Church.

Canon Liam with Joe Leake, Organist St. Patrick's, Sean Dunne, Organist Holy Family and Geraldine O'Riordan IGS.
The first Register of Baptisms, 1836 to 1872 e
Canon Liam discusses some old photographs with Sean Dunne
Sixteen members of the Georgian Society listen to Canon Liam
Canon Liam has their full attention.
Canon Liam with the 1648 Galway Silver chalice which he rescued. He had found in a public advert that the Chalice was being auctioned upcountry, and without hesitation he drove to the auction and securred the Chalice for St. Patrick's Church
The visitors review the various artifacts on display for their visit.
The visitors review the various artifacts on display for their visit.
The visitors review the various artifacts on display for their visit.
Kevin Hurley (red jacket) had thanked Canon Liam on behalf of the Society