Parish Records and Visitors
Visitors to St. Patrick's Church

Over the years many people make contact with the Parish seeking information regarding Church records which are quite extensive. There are over 40,000 Baptism records dating from 1832, 12,500 Marriage records dating from 1836 and 9,600 Confirmation records dating from 1911. Most of these records are computerised but can also be viewed in the original Record Journals.

Below are some of the people who visited St. Patrick's Church for this purpose.

Visitors to St. Patrick's Ghurch on St. Patrick's Day.

Keith, Kaiden and Odalys Prichard from Land 'O' Lakes, Florida, USA at the Statue of St. Patrick in St. Patrick's Church on St. Patrock's Day 2019.

Visitors to St. Patrick's Church 29th. September 2018

Maureen Morris and Lesley Worstencroft (from the U.K.) are looking at their mother, Mary Murphy baptismal record. Mary was baptised in St. Patrick's Church on November 1st. 1916

This is a picture of Roslyn and Patricia Scharf, USA (nee O'Keeffe) looking at the record of their great granparents (William O'Keeffe & Julia Cotter) marriage in St. Patricks in 1859.

First Holy Communion ......................... alll the way from Texas !

The attached shows Violet Kiely of Austin, Texas with some of her (very large!) extended family at her First Holy Communion. Best just to mention Grandad Dr P B Kiely, formerly of Patrick's Hill, now of Ballincollig, who had FHC at St Patrick's in 1937, his parents having moved to Patrick's Hill in 1928. I had FHC at St Patrick's in 1978. That's 90 years of connection so far!

Well done Tholom (Bartholomew) & Family,

Congratulations Violet, welcome to the Christian Community

15th. July 2018

Visitors from the UK on 25th. February 2017

Group from the UK who travelled to St. Patricks to view the marriage records of Thomas Patrick O Brien and his wife, Helena Hartnett, on 26th. November 1912. The group includes Katherine Roche, Steve Watson, Derek Watson, and Helena Watson, with David Dwyer, Sacristan.

Parish Visitors - Sunday 18th, September 2016

Karol Watson Todd and Colin Stroman inspect the Parish Records and find Carols Great Grandparents Marriage details, that of Michael Barry and Hannah Marie Kiely on 9th. November 1880

Finding John McEvoy's Baptismal Certificate

Picture of Michael and June Mc Avoy who called today, 3rd. September 2015. They found the birth and baptismal details of Michael's father, John, in our records. He was born on 28th December 1887 and baptised in St. Patrick's on 1st.January, 1888.

Picture of Michael and June Mc Avoy who called today. They found the birth and baptismal details of Michael's father, John, in our records. He was born on 28th December 1887 andptised in St. Patrick's on 1st.January, 1888.

Eileen and John O'Sullivan from Kenmare made a visit to St. Patrick's Church where they were married on 23rd. January 1964

Eileen and John with Canon Liam on Saturday 25th. January 2014.

Congratulations Eileen and John, may God continue to give you both good health and life for the future

Visitors from Wales, 22nd.May 2012

Joan and Raymond Ciborowski visited St. Patrick's to view the marriage records of Joan's Great Grandparents who were married in 1894.

They also visited the old homestead on Fairy Lane, which fortunately still exists today, but failed to identify another home in Barrackton which has changed quite a bit since the 1900's

They called into Collins Barracks but found no records. After leaving St. Patrick's they were going to visit Spike Island where there may be further family records.

Good luck in your further research Joan and Raymond and enjoy your stay in Cork.

Paul Galloway , his mother Joyce and David Dwyer, Sacristan, December 2008

Canon Liam Leader explains the entries in the Parish Records to Paul and Joyce. As a surpriseearly Christmas present to his mother, Paul brought Joyce from Cheshire to St. Patrick's to see at first hand the family records of her Grandparents wedding in 1896 and other records dating back to 1846. They also visited other family connections at Alexander Rd. and Ffrenchchurch St.

Well done Paul


Visit of Shandon and Brenda Lea from Scotland on 7th. September 2009

Shandon and Brenda with Aonghus O'Broin, Parish Secretary

Original email from Shandon (with permission)

I am Shandon Barrett Lea, the great-grandson of Daniel Barrett, Ships Carpenter and Mary Ellen Walsh, who were married at St. Patrick's Church on 8th. September 1874. I have the civil certificate of marriage which confirms that Patrick Barrett, Toll Collector, and William Walsh, Shopkeeper, were present at the wedding and nuptial mass performed by John Precentor-Falvey PPVG. The address of Daniel Barrett, aged 26, was 4, Watercourse Road, while Mary Ellen Walsh, aged 18, stayed at 37, Lower Road.

My request is that if you have any records in the lives of these families, Baptisms, Burials, Marriage, Communions, Confirmations. I would be prepared to purchase copies. I realise that there are many families with similar names which is the reason for including all the above in this message. My particular interest is records of my grandfather, Daniel's son, Patrick John Aloysius Barrett, born 1875, who attended the Christian Brothers' School and then University College Medical School, Cork, 1895-6, aged 20. The College records say that his father was deceased and his parents' residence was 110, Lower Glanmire Road, Cork, and his Guardian was Mrs. Walsh of 100, Lower Glanmire Road. My wife and I with two of our four adult children are coming to visit Cork on the 7th. and 8th. September 2009, for a short holiday over from Scotland.

Please could you reply with any information you may have, and also tell us what time of the day would be most convenient to see any records and to purchase copies.

Yours sincerely, Shandon Lea

Shandon and Brenda were very pleased with their discoveries


Visit of David and Kim Kraus to St. Patrick's Church on 7th. September 2009

Co-incidental with the visit of the Lea family above, David and Kim Kraus from Pheonix, Maryland, USA, came in on the off chance of viewing their family records.

Kim seems quite pleased with her discoveries, records of her family who resided at 93, Lower Glanmire Road, which was the original Woburn House. Also in the picture are Aonghus O'Broin, Secretary, and David Dwyer, Sacristan

Visitors to St. Patrick's Church on Wednesday 13th June 2010

Fr. Donal Sullivan, Sacred Heart Church, Florida with a group of his parishioners after 08.45 Mass at St. Patrick's Church

Fr. Donal at the Baptismal Font where he himself joined the Christian Community about 70 years ago when he lived on the Lower Glanmire Road.

The Group on a sunny morning on the steps of St. Patrick's Church including Canon Liam and Sr. Joan (Florida)

Visitors to St. Patrick's Church on Monday, 9th. August 2010

Aonghus O'Broin, Parish Secretary looks on as Megan Smolenyak, genealogical adventurer, is clearly pleased as she prepares to make a photographic record of the baptism of Annie Moore on 25th. May 1874

Megan, Chief Family Historian of and President of Roots is flanked by Aonghus O'Broin and Tim McCoy, (Scoil Oilibheir), mentor to the student film, 'From Cork to New York' which tells the story of Anne Moore

Megan Smolenyak, (who also has Irish roots) was visiting Cork City Hall, and stopped off at St. Patrick's Church to view the Parish Records.

As part of her unusual occupation and scholarship, Megan has researched the story of Anne Moore (formally of the Old Youghal Road, in this Parish) who was the first person to pass through Ellis Island, USA

Megan is also credited with establishing President Barack Obama's Co. Offaly ancestery.

For more on Anne Moore and Megan's work see

(Link connection by permission of Megan Smolenyak)

Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass at St. Patrick's Church on 23rd. August 2010

Phil and Eamon McManus from Newry, Co. Down, who were married on the 14th. June 1960 at St. Patrick's Church with Fr. John after their Anniversary Mass

Phil and Eamon with their daughter and family who came from Manchester for the celebration

On the steps of St. Patrick's Church before heading of to Cloyne (where Phil went to school) and thereafter a holiday in Glengarriff

Congratulations Phil and Eamon

Visit of Karen St. Pierre with her Dad, Bill, and brother Bob, on 25th. April 2011

Aonghus O'Broin, Parish Secretary, points out the Baptismal Record of Bill's mother

Karen, Bill and Bob at the Baptismal Font where Bill's mother, May Naomi Davie was baptised on 6th. June 1889, parents Christina Malony and Francis Davie, by Fr. J. Cassidy, Celebrant.

This was the first visit of the family, from New York, and despite not being able to gain entry to Collin's Barracks Museum, where Francis Davie was stationed at the time of May's baptism, it is understood that they were royally entertained at nearby Sheahan's imbibing emporium.

Enjoy the rest of your trip around Ireland, and perhaps come back some day.

For Karen's scholarship see

Visitor to St. Patrick's Church

Dani Lee M. McGowan (originally from Montana) made a visit to St. Patrick's Church on 13th. November 2011 in the hope of tracing her McGowan ancestors but to no avail. She had been searching the Registers with help from Owen Lane and David Dwyer, Sacristan.